The Amherst Collective // Let The Sunshine (Brothers) In - 4/18/2019

“There’s a bit of the shark in the water with the Sunshine Brothers Inc. that cuts across styles and genres to create something unique and still evolving. Beneath the Beach Boys facade, there’s a subterranean Hendrix lurking. […] As a whole, their music contains elements of 80s pop, funk with fat bottomed baselines, surf and boy band melodies. Throw in some bleeding psychedelic synth and there’s a range of things to sample.”

Desert Island Cloud // Interview with Jake about Jerry - 2/17/2019

“I think the band got more of a chance to shine on this record as well; it definitely feels like the songs were defined a lot by the interpretations of each member as opposed to some concrete idea I had presented for each instrument when introducing the songs. After playing out a whole lot more since our last record, we’ve definitely built deeper relationships with each other as musicians, and, as a consequence of this, ‘Jerry’ feels like a record made by us, which is nice.”

Obscure Sound // Listen: Sunshine Brothers Inc. - That Way - 2/15/2019

“‘That Way’ benefits from dreamy guitars to start, with twangy adornments arriving prior to the two-minute mark as the yearning vocals take a reprieve. ‘That Way’ is among the highlights on this impressive new EP.”

Ones to Watch // Sunshine Brothers Inc. Surfs Through Youth Love, Desire, and Escapism in ‘Jerry’ EP [PREMIERE] - 2/13/2019

“With the coming of Jerry, Weissman, DiSabito, Vadala, and McCarthy have created a playlist capable of time travel - an ‘80s summer in your ears all year round.”

Music Related Junk // BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 10/26/2018

“…a mix of carnivalesque crooning, surf-rock guitars and ice-cream-van-like synth twinkles. The layers of reverb make it sound like its coming from a distant fairground, whilst the upbeat chords occasionally take a sour turn giving it a warped feel. It’s like eating candy floss laced in acid.”

Girls at the Rock Show // Listen to: Sunshine Brothers Inc. “So Bad to Me”- 10/17/2018

“The sound itself is sunny and drenched in surf rock complete with glistening synths, painting a picture of summertime while evoking of personal relationships- both real and fictional. Their music is nostalgic, dripping in sunbeams with psych-pop arrangement and gleaming texture. With it raining for almost three days in a row, it’s a much-needed jolt of sunburst vitality.”

IndiePulse Music // Sunshine Brothers Inc. Release Track “So Bad to Me” - 9/29/2018

"Though nostalgic of many psych-pop moments over the last fifty years, the sound is novel in arrangement and texture. The songwriting…is influenced most heavily by psych-pop stars new and old, such as The Beach Boys, Makeout Videotape, David Bowie, Sean Nicholas Savage and Ariel Pink. There is a high energy feeling in both their studio recordings and live performances that give life to Weissman’s songs..”

OBSCURE SOUND // Premiere: Sunshine Brothers Inc. – “So Bad To Me” - 09/28/2018

“The quartet…take pride in the Western Massachusetts DIY scene, their fondness for hook-y melodies, surf-y guitars, and bright synths/keys drawing praise in the area. Weissman’s songwriting takes a cue from psych-pop as well as rousing indie-rock”

THE DAILY COLLEGIAN // “Sunshine Brothers Inc. talk musical process, upcoming performances and new music” - 09/26/2018

“This is definitely the most exciting release we’ve ever had, we’ve had a lot of success, especially from the internet, after our last release in the past five months. Our anticipatory audience is higher than it ever was, which is exciting. I’m pumped about it.”

THE POP TOPIC // "Songs Brendan's Bumping"- 6/04/2018 

"Though still in college, there is nothing amateur about In Your Dreams and as a matter of fact it sounds more complex than songs some big names’ are churning out"

VANYALAND // "In Your Dreams" Premiere- 5/10/2018  

"a sleek, new dance jam to help you shake the stress of finals week"

PHANTOM POWER MUSIC // "Sunshine Brothers Inc. Talk New Gigs"-3/17/2018

"Thursday night’s show did not disappoint, and both bands drew a crowd large- enough to completely pack the venue. If you’re new to the Pioneer Valley or its younger music scene, don’t be too quick to discredit these DIY acts. Plenty of big indie names draw much smaller, tamer crowds."

VALLEY ADVOCATE // Live Session-3/16/2018 

VALLEY ADVOCATE // Pick of the Day- 3/08/2018

"What do you get when you take feel-good surfer boy vocal harmonies, Dick Dale-inspired guitar, some goodness and light, add a pinch of The Cure, fold in a lot of synth, and some bubble gum? You get the Sunshine Brothers Inc."

WMUA // Iron Horse Music Hall Show Review -10/22/2017

"Although a late show, beginning at 10 pm, it drew a crowd large enough to fill the floor. Unfortunately for Iron Horse regulars, the balcony area was closed."

EARBUDDY // "Sitting Pretty" Premiere- 9/12/2017

"You’ll hear jangly yet driving guitars, slippery basslines, commanding drums, panging synths, wide harmonies, careful lyricism, and truly memorable pop songwriting"



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